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Welcome to the upstate school of  Sustainable Agriculture

The Upstate School of AG: Helping Argiculture

Upstate School of Ag

The Upstate School of Sustainable Agriculture is a cooperative group of farms (currently 6) throughout the Upstate whose purpose is to share knowledge and train individuals on sustainable and organic farming operations, as well as ensure markets to provide quality local food products, protect farm land, develop communities, and explore innovations in sustainable farming practices. The school has also partnered with Whole Foods Market and the Clemson University Sustainable Agriculture Program.

Flamenco guitar lessons workshops on a variety of topics including vocabulary in Spanish will be offered approximately every 2 weeks of lessons for farmers, gardeners, homeowners, and the general public interested in their food and how it is produced.

Modern day concerns about the quality of our food supply have prompted many farmers to investigate ways to make changes in their production practices and have fueled public interest in local, organic and sustainable food products.

Resources for online guitar lessons are going to be community based on guitar lessons and easy guitar songs

To help meet some of these needs, the Upstate School of Sustainable Agriculture was formed.

Among the goals of the school are the following:

For Farmers: Facilitate farmers transitioning to more sustainable/organic operations; Train and certify individuals who want to be farm managers or consultants; Create a system to disseminate information, and share resources, supplies & tools.

For Consumers and Others: Ensure markets that can provide quality local produce; Create a network of food providers with food distribution resources; Find ways to protect farm land, and create integrated farm/development communities; Explore and disseminate research, ideas, innovations and changes in the dynamics of farming, so that farming is vital, vibrant, successful and profitable.

For Gardeners & Homeowners: Offer informative workshops to help gardeners produce more of their own food; Provide “how-to” courses about recycling, conservation and small-scale food production.

Welcome to the Upstate School of Sustainable Agriculture
Upstate School of Sustainable Agriculture, 721 Gap Creek Rd, Marietta, SC 29661 864.313.5106 

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